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page 775 2016 Diary

Filled a notebook! This one is number 29 since I started 12 years ago.

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Time to start notebook #30!

journaling inspiration

Please feel free to make your own posts with any journaling / diary related videos that inspire you. (Including your own!)

How to Start Journaling and Maintain it [Link]

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September 2016 Diary page 735

Conversation with Myself

I came up with this today because I had a weird convo with myself, and thought, "I should write this in my journal."

It's equal parts silly and sad.

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My Journaling Binge

I didn't like my last journal, and it kinda became a soul-sucking kind of thing.
Plus, due to timing, it was only going to take me halfway through August, which is annoying. So on July 31st, I went on a binge and just obnoxiously filled the pages. Behind the cut is the fruit of that binge. :)
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There was more, but you're only allowed 10 pics a post. Fascists! :-P

I'm in a new journal, and much happier, so yay! Hope your journaling is going well. :)

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