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Pages 4/20 -5-9

Here are my pages from this week! I got more stickers in the mail today too, so I'm looking foreward to next weeks. But this should tide everyone over till then. ;D

[Cut for several pics]

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pages 399 & 400 2016 Diary

May 2016 Diary

Volume 20 Complete!

It's a pretty good milestone, I think!

 photo 20 Cover.jpg

I really loved this journal and filled it up so quickly! The cover was plain, but I have a stash of NASA stickers I got from Dragon Con. I bought another in a larger size, which I am using as my next.

Started: 13th Feb 2016
Finished: 24th April 2016

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page 351 2016 Diary

March Pages [3/1-4/20]

[Note: I am a long time journaler of this community. I just had to change accounts because I lost the password to my old one.  . . . like twice. Anyway, sorry for that, but I should hopefully be back for good now. I offer you things in exchange for my absense]

These are all in my current composition book. I'd like to post my wtj pages at some point this week over on my journal, too, but here are some topic-safe goodies for you guys:

EDIT** Fixed!

page 300 2016 Diary

April 2016 Diary

page 275 2016 Diary

Doubting Yourself

I just thought someone else might relate to this: