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July 2017 Diary

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Picking my new journal

Okay, after having technical trouble with uploading pictures and them not showing up, I tink I got it down this time, haha. Let's hope for the best. So I am nearing the end of my I guess 26th journal (I honestly lost count of how many journals I have written inside and filled up to the brim, but I know it's around that number. I need to make a head count of how many journals I have. It's a necessity). So I need help pickng my soon-to-be new one, so what better way to do it than to do a survey and post a nice photo of my potential journals! God, I love journals, I can't believe I have a ton of journals. It really is crazy indeed.

So here's the survey. Vote!!! EVERY VOTE COUNTS!!

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What journal should I use next?

Black Paris
Yellow Limoncello
Blue Astronomy Journal
Grey Gold Elephant Spiral
Small Leather Brown Journal
Blue London Journal
Red, White, and Blue Journal
Red Moleskine
Pine Journal
Rhodia Yellow
Blue Journal

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