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foxes journal

Ive been working in this gorjuss foxes journal since the middle of December and for some reason it... well Im just so sick of it. I normally take four months to finish a journal but im so mad at it Ive kind of been cheating.. cutting pages out and using paste ins. So yay im nearly done with it. Stupid goddamn journal. If I have to see the little fox on the edge of the page one more time.....

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2015 Diary page 50

Worn Out!!! Entry

I'm too worn out to do any real writing. So, here ya go.

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Where have I been?

Sorry for not being around so much, guys and gals, I've been super busy working my life away lately. It's kind of a drag, but yay money, right?
Well, even though I've been super busy at work, I've still be writing (though not as often as I would like -___- ), and I've managed to get creative outside the drawing spectrum. That's right, I got crafty. Here, see for yourself:Collapse )
I hope you're all doing well and taking care! Keep on keepin on, people!

P.S. Apologies if the cut doesn't work. This post also doubles as an experiment as to how the lj phone app works with images and such.


Project Life Journal

I really like the concept of Project Life (here, if you've never heard of it), but the idea of two separate memory keeping projects is a bit daunting to me. So I do a fusion of journaling and project life as you can see from these couple of pages near the end of my current journal. I keep everything in whatever book I'm using at the time and add whatever I want to it (photos and journal cards, etc.) instead of keeping it in it's own exclusive project life scrapbook folder.

more shots from my current journal

I've been feeling sort of...uneasy lately, so I did a bit of collaging (sort of) to help focus on something. Figured I'd share it :3

This is my goal for 2015--learning to let the bad things GO and not dwell on the past so much.

My turn! My turn! :D

I wanted to show an in-progress pic too!
I apologize for the blurriness and the size... I'm using my phone because I didn't want to wait to join in!

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My stab at fauxbonichi

So, I decided to take the leap! I am now keeping a fauxbonichi journal every day! Twelve days into the new year - so far so good!

I've always thought my artistry skills were bad in this respect; I am not naturally talented in terms of drawing. But this is turning out rather cute! So I'm excited to continue.

Under the cut are four photos of my favorite pages so far!

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