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Hello there, I would like to start a discussion. Currently, I've been thinkng about writing online for a journal here on Livejournal and I know this community is centered on written journals and how I normall journal is written down, not typed. But since life's been crazy, I want to type and start a private journal online (Temporary until school is over because I don't think that I can quite give up on paper journaling). I'm just afraid and paranoid about someone finding out or just having so much information out there online, even though it will be private. I don't know, so that is why I am asking for help and starting this discussion.

Also, I've been wondering about fountain pens and I have a few, but I think I am more of a fine point person. My pens are medium nibs and I get frustrated because they don't write the way I want them to and it doesn't help that I am left-handed (I love being left-handed, I just write differently though I suppose. Well, not really. I write how a right-handed person would, but the only difference is just that I write with the opposite hand). I was wondering if there are any suggestions out there. It would be greatly appreciated!

I hope everyone is doing well and is journaling! I'm still keeping the journal up and thanks for voting on my poll. I ended up using the Astronomy journal as my journal and I used it all to document my summer. Now, I am on a new journal and it is from the Rifle Paper Company. It's pretty. When I get a chance, I would love to just upload a picture of it.