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Hello, June!

I'm thankful that we have a new month today. I'm taking this one as a fresh start and going to focus on my daily goals again, as I did before I went off track ahead of our travels back in March.

Life happens. But I still want to write it down.

I've written in my paper journal every day for the most part but seem to miss a day once or twice a month recently - kind of a bummer when I had a good streak going on since late last year. I'm keeping at it though and not letting it derail me. Even if I'm only writing a sentence, it's at least something for me to stay with it. There is over half of my current journal left to fill and I'm antsy to start a new one but I don't leave unfinished journals (usually) so this is where I have to push myself more to stick with it. It probably doesn't help that I have a great collection of blank journals waiting for me!

I'm annoyed that I'm writing about the internet in my paper journal but not writing on my online journal at the moment. Also, after making a recent video where I was going through my paper journal collection, I realized just how much more detailed about varied topics I used to be in my journals - I'd like to get back to that way of writing but everything else distracts my attention.

365 Days (2015): Day 151

Hope everyone is able to make time for themselves and their journal writing. Life is so noisy with countless things that call out for our attention - it's nice to have a place of our own to go to and turn a fresh page.

June 2015 Diary

Another try! Journal pages :-)

Right, so the last time it didn't work because of LJ issues. Sorry it took such a long time to get around to it again. Thanks to those who commented that it wasn't working! Perhaps I will go and delete that post now - doesn't seem necessary to keep it.

These are in the wrong order - from newest to oldest. From my last four journals. Images only; text is private + mostly in Finnish. :P I'm trying to get into the swing of drawing, painting, art journalling, etc., but I'm terribly penny-pinching and using paper in a non-obsessively saving way is so frigging hard. If I'm not satisfied enough, I feel like I have completely wasted paper. And I always have to fill in absolutely every cm of the paper. Learning, Learning...

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Uncharacteristacally Artsy

Here is a pic from last night. I am never artsy like this, but I was bored and looking to fill some time.

Inspired by spending an entire evening reading on my patio during a thunderstorm. :)

I put post-its down and colored around them. The website I saw this on actually used washi tape, but the post-its worked just fine.

page 400 2015 Diary

How long does a journal last you?

I know there are so many factors involved, number of pages, width of lines, size of handwriting, etc., but does a typical journal last you a certain amount of time?
Mine varies greatly. I think I spent about 3-4 months in the last few, but some before that were 2 or 3 years (of course, I wasn't writing as much).


brand new journal!

Finished my last journal last night, so that meant it was time to embrace the smell of a brand spankin' new journal, ready and waiting to be filled...

My new journal is the one I featured in my last entry! I'm quickly getting used to the smallish size (4x6 inches), but I'm loving it so far!

So here's what it looks like with the tie undone.

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I LOVE this paper. It's very smooth, but a lot thicker than it feels--a lot of the pens I use that cause minor shadowing or bleed through don't do any of that at all on this paper, although I've found my Uniball Vision pens skip a little... (The Vision Elite doesn't have that problem. Are the nibs different or something? Maybe the ink in the one is low...) And I'm in love with the fact that the paper isn't white! I actually like off white paper more since it's easier on my eyes I think. This has parchment paper and I just love the texture and smell of it. The only thing that I don't like about the paper is that cellotape doesn't seem to adhere very well to it--it ends up being more like washi tape (wherein you can just peel it right off), but glue (and glue tape and what not) works just fine, and there's always stapling too XD I think it's because the paper is textured, so it's unable to get a good grip whereas glue can fill in all the gaps and stuff.

That last pic is basically a typical artsy journal page and I make those a lot :D I use washi tape and stickers. Sometimes I use paint, but I think for this journal I will refrain so I don't wreck the cover.

Thanks for reading!

page 375 2015 Diary

May 2015 Diary