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This is a little bit of my Hobonichi-inspired (lol) planner from the start of this year. It was four days to a page, so I had to get creative ^^; Sorry the pictures aren't great, but I pulled them from my Instagram, and I had to blur out a lot of anything readable in order to feel okay posting them there :XRead more...Collapse )

A couple times a year I get a $50 giftcard from my job and it's that time again! I like to spend it all on journals and journal related products since that'smy obsession and pocket money is non-existant for me otherwise. Some of the things I've bought in the past from overstock to use in my journaling are the following products: Hero Art Cling Stamps, Decorative Tape (Mint & Grey), Martha Stewart's Wild Flowers Edge Punch, Carte Postale Vellum Tape Stickers, Medium Tree Lever Punch, Faber Castell Shades of Grey Pitt Artist Brush Pens, Raindrops Stencil, Deconstructed Owl Journal, Deconstructed Paisley Journal, Moleskine Cahier Pastel Journals (3 pack). Just to give you an idea of the sort of things I like, because before the end of this post I'm going to ask you all for a favor.

This time I am going to order the following items: The Universe Journal from Peter Pauper Press and a Moleskine sketchbook (I haven't decided whether or not I'm getting the small or large yet). That leaves me with roughly $20-$25 left on my giftcard and I want to use it all at once so I can get free shipping.

Here's where the favor comes in. Can you guys recommend some products that I might like that are journaling related and available for purchase on Different books or pens or anything that I might use in my art journal. I'd appreciate it so much if you have any suggestions of items for me to check out!

Thanks a lot friends for always being so amazing and supportive and helpful.


Holy crap isn't this book amazing?!

The Day I Left My Journal Behind

As you all might remember, I recently left my journal with my mother-in-law. It was an experience worth writing about. I posted it in my blog and I'm linking to it here in case any of you all are interested in reading a bit more about the emotional part of my journal being left behind and the aftermath of the experience. Here it is: The Day I Left My Journal Behind


Volume 12 Done!!

I got done with this one last night! It seemed to have more pages than I expected. I bought this one when I flew over to the US last year. I flew 4000+ miles and top of my shopping list was a $6 notebook from Barnes & Noble.

This one seemed to be mainly about the books I was reading.

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letter to my paper journal

Originally written and posted in goldmourn. Thought some people might relate.

Monday, October 13th, 2014.
dear paper journal,

I know we haven't been close for some time now. I've been writing my words online when I've felt like sharing anything, it just seems like it ought to go on my page, you know? My (home)page used to be in between the covers of a paper journal. There wouldn't be 35 of you if that wasn't so. But there were times when all I had was you, the paper, the pen and thoughts I couldn't share anywhere else but with you. There are still some things I want to say that will only be said on paper but I'm so used to keeping it to myself and writing about other things instead that it just goes unsaid. That's why I'm trying to change.

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My Worst Nightmare

I left my purse in my mother in law's car. It has my phone, my wallet and MY JOURNAL in it. I have no way of getting a hold of her to tell her I left it there. I don't have a car so I have no way of picking it up. So. My journal is left in the hands of someone that I don't necessarily trust to not read it. I'm such a sloppy mess right now that I've realized it's with her. I don't know what to do. I won't know what to say to her when I get it back because I'll never truly know if she's read it or not.

Has anyone ever had their journal in the hands of someone that couldn't be trusted to not read it? What happened?

It's 15 hours later and I still don't have my journal and purse back. She told my husband last night when he got home from work that she would swing by with it today at noon (2.5 hours ago) and she still hasn't been by with it. When Mark gets home from work (another 2.5 hours from now) I will have him call her and find out what the hell is going on.

I'm soooooo fucked up over this, guys. I'm glad I could talk to you all about this- no one else would get it.


Episode 2: I {heart} Autumn Journaling!

This is Episode 2 of my series on journaling! I'm trying to make one video a week but I was just so excited! Also, for some reason it wasn't letting me paste the URL of the prompts so I guess I have to get to a desktop for that but the prompts are here!



page 800 of my 2014 Diary

My first ever YouTube videos!

I started my series on journaling!

Eeee! I was so nervous! I hope I'm not too boring!