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2016 Bullet Journal

Wow I haven't been in LJ for YEARS so I'm looking at everyone's journals and I'm so encouraged to make personal collage journals in 2017 again.

Screen Shot 2016-12-13 at 1.30.00 PM.png
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Any thoughts and suggestions? I'd like to hear from you. Thanks!

Edited because photos are still not loading!!! :(

First ever journal!

Just pulled this one out of the milk crate in the basement due to a post on r/journaling. Thought the community here would appreciate some pictures!

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page 1000 2016 Diary

Page 134/240

I'm hoping to start a new journal on January 1st... which means I have a lot of writing to do between now and then.


Is anyone else hoping to start a new journal on January 1st?

I'm also going to be starting a bullet journal in addition to my current Moleskine day planner, to keep track of creative habits (reading, writing, hours watching TV, piano practice, etc.).

I've started practicing doodling in my current daily journal. I also made a bookmark using washi tape and a quote about reading (although the bookmark doesn't really look that good).


Does anyone else use a bullet journal?

page 964 2016 Diary

Journal #30

This one went quick (of course, it's my first 70-sheet in a long time; when I did the math I found it was basically the same number of pages per day as the 100-sheet ones).

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Embodiment Journal (it's been a while)

Embodiment Journal - 2016

It's been a LONG time since I've posted to LJ, here's hoping I do it correctly first time! I used to be a bit of a regular poster here - then boom, I moved house, and my fiance and I got married. Due to how busy things got I didn't journal for ages ... but then found I missed it, and it was good for my health. One of my good friends got me this little one above - it's a week-to-view diary, but I've used it just like any other journal. If a picture has a story, I'll tell you the tale behind it!

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page 870 2016 Diary



Hello all,

The survey two entries below should have the picture now! Comment here if you see and don't forget to vote!

For the survey below

For some reason my picture disappeared so let me post it here. This is for the survey below. Hopefully it doesn't disappear.

Oct. 14th, 2016

What journal should I use next?

Red. White and Blue Journal
Eiffel Tower Journal
Victorian Journal
Blue Astronomy Journal
Red Moleskine
Pine Tree Journal
London Journal
Light Blue Inspirational Journal
Medieval Paperblanks Journal

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