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Hello! My dear friend mistdreamer recommended this community to me. She said it's right up my alley & so it is!

paper journals 1 thru 19

I've kept paper journals (they were diaries when I started out) beginning at age 11 (grade six). I've written in them irregularly over the years, at times going through a couple journals quickly or long periods without writing in them at all. They're in numerical order and I last left off on Journal #19. I abandoned it back in June. To be honest, I haven't been sure of what to do about it since. I just couldn't bring myself to return to it & straighten out the mess I'd made of it - printed papers stuffed in there from when I was obsessively glueing in copies of my ex's profile changes - just plain disturbing all the way around - and so I left it. Just now, this evening, I decided I won't sort it or paste any of the loose papers inside & to make certain, I've placed a bottle net holder around it - & I'm done! Before, it seemed a waste to leave the rest of the journal blank but I truly didn't want to go back (I've only ever left blank pages once before in one of my paper journals and that was back in 1992) but after typing this out, I don't feel so bad about leaving it now. I've a couple journals that I've not yet unwrapped - pretty paper journals waiting for words - & I'm giving myself permission to start anew. This is the perfect sort of community for motivation & encouragement! Yay for a positive push forward!

Oh, I'm also determined to continue to write (type) in my LJ - (i've been on here since april 2001) - and it will be interesting for me to see how I divide my thoughts. In the past, when writing in my paper journals a lot, I would say things in there that I couldn't online. A lot of things have changed since the last time I put pen to paper. I'm curious about how this will turn out. Here's to a new year!

p.s. I <3 the idea of this community & how it has already inspired people! Lovely idea!
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