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Welcome to July 2012!

Hey there! As a maintainer / mod / member, I wanted to say that it's been awesome to see activity in the community. Special "you rock!" to herselfonline for the P's & Q's prompts and it's been great to see various questions open to discussion by other members, posts of various types of journals and, well, any time someone shares with embodiment, it's a good day.

The members make the community - remember that, eh?

Confession: I don't like LJ-cuts... (repeatedly clicking non-existent DISLIKE button at this very moment!) but for the sake of the community, to avoid wrathful comments or a scolding, I will do the LJ-cut dance for you. I hope you will find something that might be helpful or inspiring for your self and your embodiment project.

Christina Baldwin, Author, on the Joys of Journal Writing [Link]

Completed Moleskine! [Link]

Whisper 206 - Sound of Writing [Link]

My hope is that at least something in one of the videos I shared inspires you. I'm going to take some time and write in my own paper journal for a bit. I haven't been writing every day but I'm not letting that stop me from writing for the rest of the year. The thought of quitting because of some missed days or weeks or even months and having to wait until 2013 seems ridiculous to me. If you've stopped writing and feel that you aren't allowed to keep a diary / journal now, please change your mind and open that book back up - or start a new one - but let's keep writing / expressing ourselves, okay?

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