Kinston (kinston) wrote in embodiment,

A Dilemma, If You Will

Hi there, friends. I sort of have a dilemma when it comes to journaling. See, my birthday is on Tuesday and I thought it would be neat to start writing in a new journal on that day. The only problem is that I still have about 35 pages left in the journal I wrote about here, and I am having immense anxiety about leaving blank pages in the back. So I was wondering if any of you all have started new journals on specific dates (new years, etc), and what you do if the old ones aren't quite full yet? Do you just leave them as is, or glue them together or collage in them? Or have you never started a journal on a specific date so no worries? It wouldn't be a big deal except I feel so guilty about leaving these pages empty in such a beautiful book, I was wondering if any of you all have felt like how I do right now. If so, (or even if not!), please share anything you have with me regarding these thoughts.

Thanks, friends. Happy days.
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