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Holiday Package Exchange

Okay folks, sorry I kept you waiting! I was trying to hold out because my November 11th is most of your November 10th. I'd planned to post this morning, which would have made me on time, but I was sent to my elementary school where I've no computer to work with. With apologies for the delay, I present...

The Partner List

Carollee [magenta_girl] -> Krissy [sassyredbitch]

Daisy [0hcupcake] -> Candice [supersyncspaz7]

Erica [kinston] -> Helen [kaishin108]

Danielle [mousepoo] -> Tammy [virgoearthgirl]

Rebecca [sullen_hearts] -> Helena [arantia]

Helena [arantia] -> Lydia [herselfonline]

Rachel [tapestrystitch] -> Sarah L [deka_bright]

Hayley [constantknots] -> AJ [ariestess]

Samantha [xoroxstarbunni] -> Christina [c_liz]

Helen [kaishin108] -> Kat [katttg]

Rae [szungazser] -> "Liv" [liveyourvision] (You didn't give a name, so I gave you one - just for the purposes of linking! I hope you don't mind!!!)

Megan [monkeyfetus] -> Ashley [inkedcowgirl]

This was a massive link copy-and-paste-a-thon, so please let me know if any of them are misdirecting. The name link will take you to your partner's sign-up comment - you're welcome to comment to your partner (they should get an alert!), otherwise hit them up through their favoured method of communication and make yourself a new pal ;)

If you could drop a 'recieved and understood' comment, that would be awesome, but otherwise, there will be a check-in on November 18th, just to make sure things are running smoothly and everybody's in touch with everybody else. What to do between then and now? Get chatting with your partner, get a feel for their likes and dislikes... you can even start shopping, if you want to!
The recommended price guide is around $10-$20, or the equivalent - I'm aware that not all of us work in dollars; myself included!

Any other questions, feel free to address them here!

Happy swapping, folks!
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