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November 2012 diary page 900

This morning I am on page 900 of my paper diary. I usually write around 1000 pages a year in my yearly diaries. Back when I use to print off my LiveJournal entries and put them in my diary folders I had around 1600 pages a year. I stopped printing off what I write in my blogs because I realized a couple of years ago I write the same stuff here year after year. I am a broken record. After awhile there is not much new material to write about. I hope I can keep writing till the day the Lord takes me home to be with Jesus Christ.

One of the reasons I write is because I refuse to be go away quietly. I write out of a rebellious spirit. Even if one individual hears me or reads me I feel vindicated. My life was not in vain.

November 2012 diary page 900

November 2012 diary page 900

November 2012 diary page 900
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