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P's and Q's 01/18/13


"Think of all of the different places you've lived. Which of the following types of information has stuck in your memory?

The names of next-door neighbors
The phone numbers that you used in the past
The colors and patterns of your bedroom walls"
- Ten Thousand Questions


"If you could be buried anywhere, where would it be?"
- "If" the book

My fiance and I once visited his family plot in the U.P of Michigan. It's in an old cemetery with towering trees and just the kind of place I like to be in (alive or otherwise).


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Jan. 22nd, 2013 01:26 am (UTC)
For my first home (childhood) I remember my neighbor's names, phone numbers, and the colors of the house. When we moved, I find that my memory is foggy mostly because it is filled with negative experiences. My childhood home, though we had difficult times, comes to me more with positive experiences. Very interesting (to me at least!)
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