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Long time no see!

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Hello folks! It's been a while! I come bearing photos/scans of my journals for December and January <3 It's an image-heavy post as always, so beware~!

I went home to England for Christmas, so the pics that follow are taken by camera as I don't have a scanner at home. So apologies if any come out blurry. And for the terrible state of my desk at home. It's a good ten, fifteen years old now and it's covered in tape marks, glue, pen, paint... bound for the scrap heap, basically.

My journal for December was a pocket moleskine I had lying around. I knew that I'd get some journals over Christmas so I wanted to move into whatever I got, when I got it.

Cover page. Eh. Address. And cute stickers one of my co-workers gave me. We generally give them to the kids for correct answers and good test scores and when she pulled out a half-used sheet of stickers I was a bit sad there wasn't a UK one. So when she found another sheet with a UK on it, she gave it to me <3

To do list. Ganka means "eye clinic". I continue to have issues >.>

More stuff to do before flying home.

Calendar. Which is basically yet another to-do list. Of doom.

Swap ideas for embodiment and got snail mail, over at dreamwidth 8D

Visited the eye clinic in late November. She gave me more medicines and said if they didn't work we'd discuss our options :/

Lesson plans. I write a lot of these...

Pusheen <3

...I am such a geek.

Planned this lesson before Christmas, we still haven't done it yet.

Went back to the eye clinic two days before my birthday. No incisions, but I had a lovely injection in my eyelid /o/

More planning. Happy birthday to me 8D

Balin, Dwalin... Oin, Gloin...

The journey home begins. Between arriving at work at seven on the 21st and flying out of Tokyo at six on the 22nd, I managed about twenty pages :/



"We just lost a loo. There's a stewardess standing there looking disgusted and horrified." Ah the joys of long-haul flights...

And on to January. With a little bit of December thrown in. This is the lovely Leuchtturm 1917 journal that herselfonline sent me <3 Thank you so much.

Part of a double spread with my calendar (below). One of my resolutions was to write kanji if I could, rather than settling with English letters. I'm learning some, but there are some that I haven't learned yet that I SHOULD know, like the names of my schools and teachers. And my own address. Still working on the last two, but at least I have the schools down!

No printer, so I couldn't make one of my printed masterpieces. So this is just scrapbooking paper, white paint and souffle/glaze pens. Worked out pretty well, I think!

Deluged in birthday presents (I got home just over a week after the event!) and swaps, as well as stuff I'd ordered as Christmas gifts for family. Nothing like having a ton of stuff to open! 8D

Opened Christmas cards and birthday cards with my Dad - his birthday is Christmas eve - and we all went out for a bit of window-shopping, a movie and dinner :)

Skipping ahead to December 27th/8th. Issues with the bank /o/ but still went on a shopping spree. MAY have spent nearly two hundred pounds on bras, but in my defence, I have been stuck with the same ones for the past year and a half :/

Cute "sis" charm from my brother's birthday card to me :)

Cover page for January! Breaking out my stash of scrapbooking paper, dug out some stickers nireh gave me YEARS ago in another swap, and more souffle pens to embellish the paper. The envelope contains my resolutions and is handmade from scrapbooking paper, then laminated. Though I made that years ago as well :/

Bought the calendar in Japan after I got home. It was the last one, and the display model so it was a bit battered ;A;

Interesting page of exercises.

Family revelations? My grandfather never, NEVER speaks about his lineage - to the extent of getting offended and walking away at any innocent question - so we may never know for sure...

Black biro is all from the flight, though there was a page before this one, too.

Fold-out picture was found amidst some artsy magazine cuttings back in the UK so I stuck it in :)

Made it safely home. Got a new years card from one of the support staff at the board of education and stuck it in.

...could have worked on orienting it the right way up.

The following day! Cute thank-you note and photo from herselfonline... they had to go into this journal :)

Back to School Blues! And food :)

Emotion map. It wouldn't all fit on the scanner, and I ended up splicing it together because there's not really a clear printable version. It's pretty awesome, though, check it out!

MORE plans!

Twitter Infographic. I recently bought the Information is Beautiful book and flicking through it is pretty awesome. This graphic is from the website, but I am seriously considering dissecting my book so I can put all the interesting visualisations into future journals :/

Ridiculous school rules. None of the kids are allowed to wear coats to school. The girls have to wear skirts all year round. None of the classrooms are heated here. And in the winter, all the windows have to be open. Because the kids are likely to catch flu. Because of, you know. The cold weather.

This foreigner spends most of her time head-desking in the corner of the heated staffroom which I should point out, by the way, has a much lower incidence of flu.

More graphics from Information is Beautiful.

Map of emotions and their relationship with each other. In Spanish. But it's all so tiny I can barely read it :( Still pretty, though.

Plans and gestures for clothes for English club.

Censorship is a funny thing. We can't teach the kids "I can fly," or "I can eat fifteen cookies" even though they're clearly not behaviors we're ENDORSING and these kids, being teenagers, KNOW they can't fly, and KNOW that eating fifteen cookies will result in stomach ache and poor health. And I can't teach one group of kids the word "shorter" even though it appears in ALL the text books and MANY of the exams they need to take for high school because, "There's a boy in this class called Shouta" (same pronunciation) "and he's really short :/"


One of my teachers pretends he can't understand me when I say something that vaguely inconveniences him >_< Dude, I got stuff to do. I teach eleven different class groups. And you barely participate in the five classes you supposedly teach :[

Obama game (Can you~? Yes we can!) Heavily censored, thanks to cookie-gate!

More kids dropping like flies from influenza >.>

Weekend chilling. The cold makes me just want to hibernate >.<

Ink testing page :)

Thanks as always for making it this far! I managed to take pictures of my first journals - both pre-embodiment and early-embodiment ones - while I was at home, so I hope to put those into a post for you some time soon :)


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Jan. 27th, 2013 08:50 am (UTC)
I always love your posts. Your journals are always fascinating and inspiring. Thank you for sharing!
Jan. 29th, 2013 08:44 pm (UTC)
Is censorship common in Japan?
I adore your posts. You include so many interesting bits and pieces of your life in there! This is what I want my journals to become.
The emotion map is wonderful!
Jan. 29th, 2013 11:16 pm (UTC)
It depends on the teacher - I did the Obama game last year and the teacher I did it with had no problems with any of it. But playing innocent games, like, say, hangman, is kind of frowned on. Or I can, it just can't involve the actual hangman. It has to be as un-deathy as possible. These teenage kids watch worse on TV!!! But it just annoys me when they start removing random words from the syllabus when they may well appear in the kids entrance exams. It's as ridiculous as us saying, for example, "Oh, Fukushima and Fukuoka don't exist, because their names practically have a swear word in them."

I love those maps <3 I love stick-ins of any kind in my journals, but it was a hard time splicing that one together!
Feb. 4th, 2013 12:16 am (UTC)
I LOVE your journal so much! Is Matthew your brother? Sorry if it was weird of me to read some of the text bits xD if you're looking for good exercises id suggest planks rather than sit ups - sit ups can cause back problems and don't really do much for tone, at least in my experience! Planks give much more of a satisfied feeling! :) do you journal every day? I really hope to get more into mine this year! :) xoxo also what does sensei mean at the end of a name? Hehe sorry for the silly question !
( 4 comments — Leave a comment )