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More pages! (Cross-posted to jr__nal)

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Hello again! I'm back with pics of my latest journal, as promised!

You'll find the insides of this one under the cut!

Handy dandy flags. All of the stickers are from notes my elementary school kids gave me.

February and plans!

Grumpy, and a really sweet list I found online :)

Food plans. It was cold and rainy and I really wanted something warming to eat. Moussaka is such a pain to get ingredients for here. Real cheese is really hard to find in Japan...

Woman's issues. Bowling out of town with some friends, and the right hand page has a whole list of addresses. I did Lettermo this year, and it was really fun. I sent out over sixty letters overall, and I'm still writing/receiving replies. I've fallen in love with mail so if anyone wants to write to me... just let me know XD

Score sheet from the bowling. I kind of suck at it.

More on that evening. We went to a famous restaurant in Ozu, just south of Matsuyama and the food was amazing. It was also Setsubun, which marks the ending of winter and the coming of spring and a time to drive demons out of the house... so the owners kids were running around in a demon mask XD

My lettermo list.

SOMEBODY taught my fifth graders rude words, but it still makes me laugh when they say "Pennies" like it's naughty. Also, we had cute little kids being shown around the school. They'll start first grade this week 8D

COLD. I was gradually coming down with something that entire week, and it hit me at the weekend >_<

Planning lessons and English Club.

Cute teddy bear from English club the day before, hiding something terrible beneath...

This - and it's A3 poster-size version - was not a very nice thing to find waiting for me at school!

Went to Okayama for the weekend. My friend Doreen and I ducked out of what would have been a very windy cycling expedition on the Kibi Plains to go shopping and take purikura instead 8D

Officially sick. But Gandalf in a bulldozer is always funny...

Top of the lettermo points list, and I unlocked all the achievements! Also a print out of a blog entry my Dad did on his recovery from back surgery that had me reminiscing on crappy childhood cartoons.

March calendar (with notes for April), To-Do list and my Japanese teacher's business card.

Figuring out recipes, journals, and hating kanji. Seriously. Why do 持 and 特 have to look so god damn similar...? And a cute postcard from my hairdresser up the road XD

School things... some girls came into school with dyed hair, which is against regulations and had to be fixed.

Still unfinished Map of Me that I started on the night of my Dad's operation to keep me occupied while I waited up for news. I finally stuck it in.

Last class with my special needs boys, and the first of my intensive Japanese classes.

Japanese notes...

March is the month of farewells, and I was thinking about the third years at my old school, who were all due to graduate.

March also means staff farewells. The city board of education decides who goes where, so anyone can go.

Last class with my Daini sixth years, who will come to my junior high on April 9th, and with my Mibu fifth years become sixth years.

My Dad grew a beard for the entire time he was off with his injury and waiting for surgery - about ten months, thank you, NHS - and he finally got rid of it and looks much better /o/

More Japanese notes...

Graduation day...

A sweet note from one of my graduating third graders that I got on the Friday.  It just so happened that after I pulled it out of my box, I ran up to a first grade class that the teacher was rushing through the last pages of the text book and we ended up on the section about letter-writing. The teacher I was with saw the note and was like, "Oh, okay, let's do a lesson based off that!" ...off the note I JUST received for a class he only scheduled me for TWO minutes prior. He'd been pulling crap like this all year, though he finally transferred out (more on that later...) and I don't have to deal with him any more.

Blurred faces, sorry. Graduation pictures <3

Graduation practice and a thank-you party with my sixth years at Mibu. I was so glad to get to go to their practice because I couldn't attend their actual graduation. I got rather teary ;A;

Portraits of me, and some of the cutest notes.


We only teach vocabulary, the kids don't really start reading/writing until junior high school, so this note from Masa-kun was adorable.

Trying to take care of some banking stuff. It's really hard when you're illiterate!

Also bumped into some of my high school kids but these ones just blanked me ;A;

Weird dreams, and getting a bit upset because my co-workers decided to have a conversation ABOUT me IN FRONT OF ME. I should have just got up and left.

I never know what to wear for work. It doesn't help that a lot of teachers seem to live in track suits - but when those teachers shed the tracksuit and don a real suit, you know it's serious. We had the year-closing ceremony, and also the staff-leaving ceremony this week.

Working hard! I hope to get a few of my kids sending simple English postcards out on postcrossing...

My Gaga jacket is a thing of beauty. Staff leaving ceremony and party, with the menu from it.

We also sadly lost one of our special needs students to illness. He was only twelve years old.

Recap of the party and after-party. We ended up in an establishment that wasn't far off a hostess bar...

April begins.

The Staff Room Shuffle. The hilarious moment where the teachers move desks. Literally. They drag their desks across to the other side of the room, along with their PCs, which means everything has to get reconnected and glitches abound. Gotta love Japan.

There is also the beginning of another pencil cartoon of my vice principal. After a night of heavy drinking for all - especially the new staff, and me, because apparently I'm "strong to alcohol" and everyone wanted to test my drinking skills - the vice principal dug out a mini breathalyser that he wanted to test. It's illegal to do a lot of stuff after a drink - if you've had even a drop of alcohol, it's illegal for you to drive or for that matter, ride a bike. So he whips this thing out, and the principal is like, "You know, we should probably all try it. Not to get anyone in trouble but just to make sure we don't come into work drunk in the future... I mean, it's been, what, seven hours since we called it a night? We should be okay..." The vice principal huffs into the device, which lets out a loud beep, and everyone scrutinises the result over his shoulder, which shows that he still has a small amount of alcohol in his system. "Uh... if the police come to get me, tell them you didn't see me drive here..."

Test page

More kanji practice.

...and that's it for another whistlestop tour through my journal! Comments, questions, flames, worship... direct them below :)


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Apr. 7th, 2013 02:37 pm (UTC)
I love your journal. So inspirational!
Apr. 8th, 2013 01:46 am (UTC)
If you love snail mail, allow me to direct you to:


You'll love it. :)
Apr. 9th, 2013 08:28 pm (UTC)
I'd love a letter from you!
Apr. 9th, 2013 10:59 pm (UTC)
I have some free time today, so something shall be winging its way to you this evening :D
Apr. 11th, 2013 12:16 am (UTC)
Um, make that THIS evening ._. I got almost the entire way home, stopped by a post box and realised I'd left your letter on my desk! It'll take about a week to get to you... what's another day?!
Apr. 11th, 2013 02:04 pm (UTC)
No probs, looking forward to it.
Apr. 11th, 2013 12:04 am (UTC)
Added to memories again xD I hope you don't think it's creepy! But I just love your journals, they're so inspiring to look at and your handwriting is adorable :) xoxo
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