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Volume XX - Finished!

Another finished journal to share!

I'm still way behind, but I am catching way up!

This one is a little more interesting than my last.

For all my journals: http://sarahrose.livejournal.com/1691052.html

1. The notation

 photo IMG_0039.jpg

2. What the journal/notebook looks like full

 photo IMG_0040.jpg

3. This is how I document text conversations! I print the screencaps. :-)

 photo IMG_0046.jpg

4. Guessing what a co-worker's baby will be! He was just recently born, and I was right! Boy!

 photo IMG_0047.jpg

5. A Christmas party photo and my best friend's Save The Date card.

 photo IMG_0048.jpg

6. Christmas cards

 photo IMG_0049.jpg

7. Me at Christmas, the Christmas table and a group photo

 photo IMG_0050.jpg

8. Christmas activity mementos!

 photo IMG_0051.jpg

9. DIY scratch-off tickets my sister made, and more Christmas stuff.

 photo IMG_0052.jpg

10. Typical text pages

 photo IMG_0055.jpg

11. My Golden Globes 2013 ballot

 photo IMG_0057.jpg

12. One of my best friends and me. LOL

 photo IMG_0058.jpg

13. A cool gift card box I received

 photo IMG_0059.jpg

14. Birthday stuff!

 photo IMG_0060.jpg

15. Wrapping paper collage!

 photo IMG_0061.jpg

16. I had a big event to journal about (a trip) and I didn't want to split it between volumes, so I went into my "random stuff to paste in" folder and pasted in a few pages of Hipstamatic (an iPhone app) photos and such, into the last of the journal.

 photo IMG_0062.jpg

17. GetGlue.com stickers that I earned. (If you're not aware of GetGlue, it's a social site where you check in to what you're watching, etc. and you can earn 'stickers' that they'll actually mail you as real stickers.)

 photo IMG_0063.jpg

18. 3D snowglobe-y kind of Disney Princess stickers. I don't know why I put them on the page so weirdly... LOL

 photo IMG_0064.jpg

19. The new volume, #21!

 photo IMG_0065.jpg


Jun. 8th, 2013 11:07 am (UTC)
Love love love! 1) DIY scratch offs?? I need! 2) totally signing up for getglue cuz I need stickers lmao 3) great work and thanks for sharing.
Jun. 9th, 2013 02:19 am (UTC)