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July 2013 diary

It is 7:56 AM Monday morning in the flow of being a live in a world under covenant curses. Carol just left for a foot doctor appointment. I am still seeking to find the energy to wake up to the first day of July 2013.

I got up this morning around 6:33 AM. I made a pot of coffee (that reminds me I need a cup of coffee right now). I messed with our main computer. I heard my wife get up so I got off our computer. I fixed myself breakfast and wrote in my paper diary. So has gone by this day thus far. It is 58 degrees outside this morning.

I should this week hit 500 pages in my 2013 Diary. We are already half way through the Year 2013. I am amazed I am still alive! All we can do is keep marching to Zion.

Last night I read "Free Food for Millionaires" a novel by Min Jen Lee. I watched some television and went to bed around 11 o'clock PM. Existence keeps speeding by! No way out.

I have nothing to do today worth doing. Well I will close to read for morning devotions a volume titled, "Isaiah: Interpreted by Early Christian & Medieval Commentators" translator & editor Robert Louis Wilken.

July 2013 diary

July 2013 diary