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Achievement Boards and/or Journals

Hey guys!

I have an idea for the perfect gift for my best friend this year. My only problem is... I don't know how to go about creating it. Anyone want to offer some help?

Here's my idea:
I'd like to create an achievement and inspiration/motivation board or book. This is our first time looking for jobs and "starting life" after college, and we're both kind of stuck. I saw in a movie this morning a board that was made with a design on it of something important to that person, and different parts of the picture were named different accomplishments like "first job," "first paycheck," etc., and then the person colors it in. I'd like to do something like this for her, but I have so many ideas!

Should it be a board or a journal, or... Give me your ideas!



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Dec. 4th, 2013 03:35 pm (UTC)
Idk if you made it yet, but I'd probably say a journal board if she's got a lot of room where she lives. If not, maybe make it like a fold-out accordian style book that she can close up & keep in a drawer or on a desk?
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