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Hello, embodiment! I’ve been lurking for a while, and have found this community to be a great source of journaling inspiration. Now I'm finally getting up the nerve to join in. :) I’m too late to write every day in 2014, but I picked up my journal again last month after an extended hiatus and haven’t missed a day since.

I’ve been journaling off and on since 2000, and am currently in the middle of my 50th(!!) volume. My journals are almost always text-only, so I probably won’t have too many pictures to post, but I’ll do my best :) I have a refillable leather journal cover from Oberon Design that I’ve been using for... wow, I guess it's been about ten years. I love it – I got it as a gift, and never expected it to hold up this well. While occasionally I’ll choose a different notebook when I need a change, I like the continuity that using the same cover creates – it almost makes it feel like I’m writing in one huge unbroken volume.


(Apologies for the picture quality – my phone camera wasn’t in the most cooperative mood today.)

My big box o’ journals. Every journal I’ve kept since 2000 (and a couple of early attempts from before then).

Some early teenage journals. ALL THE ANGST.

In which I write in sparkly silver ink about how different I am from everybody else. I was fourteen, okay? x.x

(And yes, my handwriting is atrocious. I'm aware. :) )

Some of my more recent journals. Less angst, worse handwriting. Not as colorful as the earlier ones, but I think they look kind of striking all lined up like that.

Now for my titling system…

With my early journals, I often added a quote or a found image at the beginning, although I occasionally just left the first page blank. (But I never ever started an entry on the first page. Still don’t. I used to get horribly blocked and self-conscious if I started writing on the first page – but the second page was fine. Now it’s just a habit.)

IMAG0080 IMAG0081 IMAG0084

These days I do something a bit different. I title my journals, but most of my titles span several volumes. Some of the individual volumes will have a subtitle, some will have a quote underneath, and some have both. (Some have neither.)

[Reclamation III: Unbrittle Water]

(I don’t know if it’s readable here, but I also put the volume number and the dates it spans in the left-hand corner. This one is #31.)

I usually decide on the subtitle and quote at some point in the middle of the journal. I don’t like giving it a title before I start, because what if it turns out to be about something completely different? If a journal doesn’t have a subtitle and/or quote by the time I’m done with it, though, it doesn’t get one.

[Reclamation VI: Of Two Worlds]

[Reclamation XI: Immersion Project]

[Emergence II]
[I can't have everything till nothing's left / If something's not broken yet, I try again / And again / Till nothing's left... / Vertical Horizon, "Half-Light"]

I like my journal titles meaningful and a little cryptic. Sometimes I don’t remember what they mean months or years later. (For example, “Immersion Project” – that was from several years ago, and I have no idea what it referred to.)

So that’s my system! I’d be interested to know how/whether other people title their journals. And if anyone would be interested in a tour through my fifteen years of journals, let me know. I’d enjoy the excuse to dig through them in more detail.


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Apr. 6th, 2014 11:19 am (UTC)
writing in one huge unbroken volume
Glad you joined the community! I also see my journals as "one huge unbroken volume" the Book of Life. peace
Apr. 6th, 2014 11:53 am (UTC)
love that book cover!
And the idea of a book cover too

I like the idea of titling.
I don't title specifically
I do put an image on the first page and sometimes some words also.
Like you I wait till I'm in a bit and the time has revealed itself.
I keep my journal by the lunar calendar and title each lunation.
I don't stop at the end of the lunation but each one is close to one journal.
Apr. 6th, 2014 03:26 pm (UTC)
Oberon journal covers are so beautiful, I've coveted one for years but it's not something I would spend so much money on. Maybe I will get one as a gift some day. :)

Thank you for sharing the teen angst entry about being "fundamentally different" from everyone else. I think when I was fourteen I thought I was fundamentally different from everyone else I knew as well.

I'm so glad you joined Embodiment, I hope to see you around often sharing whatever it is you feel comfortable sharing. This was a great start.
Apr. 8th, 2014 11:50 pm (UTC)
I have 2 of the old Oberon Journals from 10 - 15 years ago and I love them. One serves as my nature sketch journal and the other my spiritual journal. The designs are now retired, as is the one you have so keep it. It's one of a kind now.
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