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August 2013 - March 2014

Here's a bunch of photos from the last journal I completed.

The front cover.

I started copying cute text interactions between my boyfriend (at the time) and me.

My best friend was the first to meet my boyfriend.

Went to Priscilla: Queen of the Desert with my bestie and his partner.

My quick entries.

The story of how I met my (then) boyfriend.

Haunted house for Halloween

My parents coming up to meet my (then) boyfriend.

I lost a pair of earrings I LOVED. :(

My best friend, his partner, and my boyfriend bought me a laptop!!

A terrible text interaction with a locksmith.

Letter from a student.

The letter

Meeting my boyfriends kids for the first time since they live far away. We knew we were getting married, so it was important to meet the kiddos. :)

Trying to take up space with journal quotes.

More space wasting

Family journaling ideas

To-do lists-thank you card list

A Spongebob pc from dragonfly!

Another pc from a penpal.

A year-end review I do each year.

We got engaged!

My incredible drawing of the proposal location.

Mark wrote down what he said when he proposed. :-D

I saw two productions of The Importance of Being Ernest two nights in a row. The production on the left was far superior.

One of Mark's nephews was Smee in his school play.

Valentine's Day

I ran some RPG games at a convention. The Titanic game was AMAZING!

Random musings entry during a karaoke show

During standardized testing, we actually aren't allowed to do /anything/, but I'm a rebel and did some journaling.

Random cards from good friends at the back of the journal.

There you have it. My current journal starts with our trip out to Vegas to get married!!! It will include the trip to Vegas as well as our move into a beautiful house. Pics to come. In the future. :)

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