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Another journal finished!

This one has been one of my favorites, especially of late. I feel like I really got back to my roots - lots of paste-ins, lots of mementos, lots of things to smile about. I just really, really enjoyed this one. I can't quite describe why. I really needed it, too, after the last volume included such horrible events in my life.

When I photographed it just now, I was a bit disappointed. I love it so much, but it's also kinda boring to show off. LOL Funny how that happens.

So, under the cut are a bunch of photos that may or may not be boring to you. But just know that this was a really great volume for me and I'm excited to continue with renewed journaling vigor!

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I'm sorry if some of the images are not showing as being rotated correctly. I tried my best but it's just not happenin' with Photobucket.

1. Finished! Studio C notebooks never fail me.

 photo IMG_8831.jpg

2. Thick!

 photo IMG_8832.jpg

3. The notation and ribbon. Back in March I went through all 25 previous volumes and added bookmark ribbons to each one.

 photo IMG_8833.jpg

4. The first page, which was written right after a huge, life-changing event happened back in March. And it's true. :-)

 photo IMG_8834.jpg

5. Yes. Also: 3D stickers. LOL

 photo IMG_8835.jpg

6. I work the elections every election day. This was from our lunch from this past spring election.

 photo IMG_8836.jpg

7. Our tree was sick and the city took it down. :-(

 photo IMG_8837.jpg

8. I love this page! It was one of my best friends' birthdays on St. Pat's and some of us went out for it. I love the little Instagram collages of what we ate, and us all wearing the same light-up glasses!

 photo IMG_8838.jpg

9. Mojito night!

 photo IMG_8839.jpg

10. My sweet!

 photo IMG_8840.jpg

11. I cut up Yankee Candle scented catalogs for my journal. Love it!

 photo IMG_8841.jpg

12. CAR!

 photo IMG_8842.jpg

13. I got these cool new scrapbooking stamps.

 photo IMG_8843.jpg

14. So, as many of you know, I am really into the Titanic story. WELL! It turns out that a survivor came to live in a suburb near the one I live in, and he lived there his whole life! He's buried in a teeeeeny cemetery nearby. I went to visit his grave and leave a flower during sailing/sinking week in April.

 photo IMG_8844.jpg

15. A lovely handout at church this Easter!

 photo IMG_8845.jpg

16. My car's decals!

 photo IMG_8846.jpg

17. A state park day!

 photo IMG_8847.jpg

18. Love it!

 photo IMG_8848.jpg

19. A card from my pup on Mother's Day.

 photo IMG_8849.jpg

20. A friend of mine's baby turned one, and I shot the event!

 photo IMG_8851.jpg

21. I cleaned the house from top to bottom and found a lot of interesting paste-ins and such! This is the cover off of a Good Housekeeping from 2007, featuring my girl Kate Winslet.

 photo IMG_8853.jpg

22. I found this photo amongst a pile of old high school photos. It's from Homecoming 2004, our senior year, and it just immediately made me totally ache. You know that nostalgic ache of days gone by? Such a happy, youthful photo full of joy. It just makes me ache and ache, in a good-and-bad way.

 photo IMG_8855.jpg

23. More bits and bobs I found. A card from a friend's wedding, a piece of paper covered in a spray scent I love, and a tag from the inside of an estate sale purchase.

 photo IMG_8856.jpg

24. An olddddd Six Flags ticket from one of the best trips to Six Flags ever. 2003!

 photo IMG_8857.jpg

25. A collage I had up in a frame for a long time.

 photo IMG_8858.jpg

26. Such fun stickers!

 photo IMG_8859.jpg

27. Photos of one of my favorite pieces of decor.

 photo IMG_8860.jpg

28. A drawing I made many years ago. Wow!

 photo IMG_8861.jpg

29. A quotation by me.

 photo IMG_8862.jpg

30. Another.

 photo IMG_8863.jpg

31. A new t-shirt of mine.

 photo IMG_8864.jpg

32. A photo I took of this great old camera shop in Chicago.

 photo IMG_8865.jpg

33. Woo hoo!

 photo IMG_8866.jpg

34. My long-gone dog Leroy's old rabies tag from 2005.

 photo IMG_8867.jpg

35. The new journal! The cover is a pocket! Studio C again.

 photo IMG_8868.jpg

36. The new notation!

 photo IMG_8869.jpg

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