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The Journal CEO asked earlier about what sort of journals people use. Here are (only some of) mine.
Sorry for the page-eating image load. Cut's not working right.

100_2348100_3353These are all found new old stock Longmeadow Press blank books. Gorgeous bindings, paper accepts fountain pen ink well and without page bleedthrough. All of these fit into the Oberon leather covers, and then look decorative on the shelf when full.
Exacompta notebook and sketchbook on the left, Laughing Elephant Press notebooks on the right. All fit as if made for the Oberon covers. The Exacompta sketchbook pages are extra-thick, almost watercolor weight. The rest have pages that take fountain pen ink well, without undue feathering or bleedthrough.

Quo Vadis Journey notebooks, both these designs now sadly discontinued. The one on the left is "Inukshuk," which recalls the stacked stone image for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, The other is "Little Tiki Guy," sort of a walking palm tree on feet between two leaf designs. Both notebooks fit perfectly into the Oberon covers.

Roof of Heaven, in tan, and

Tree of Life, in green. Both Oberon covers were gifts.

Then there are the Paperblanks. All the Laurel Burch cats (5), horses(5), and women (3) collections, Laquered boxes (5),
paperblanks laurel burch blue cats and butterfliespaperblanks laurel burch indigo sky marespaperblanks laurel burch soul and tearspaperblanks lacquered Japanese boxes Hotaru journal

The Zen collection (4), and the Kells (2),
paperblanks tao blossomspaperblanks kells quoniam

unused paperblanks100_2436bcr
And a few single designs. Then there are the B&N Bombay leather wrap and tie, in two sizes, in black and brown. I took H's wood rasps to the page edges to roughen up the sharp cut edge of the page block. It softens the book, and gives the pages more of a hand-pulled ragged edge.

images clickable for larger     crossposted to my LJ


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(Deleted comment)
Sep. 24th, 2014 07:24 am (UTC)
Pretty stack! I've never heard of Longmeadow Press, and never did try Oberon Journals. The Longmeadows remind me a bit of Paperblanks designs.
MrsMoore Moore
Apr. 7th, 2017 02:56 am (UTC)
Any Longmeadow Press blank books left?
After almost 20 years, I've used up the last of my hoard of Longmeadow Press blank books and can't find them anywhere (tried looking by ISBN, ebay, amazon, etsy, abebooks, etc.). If you have any left unused, I would be happy to buy them from you. If you have a source for them, I'd be grateful to hear where you can still get them. Your photo is the only place on the giant inter-web I've seen any. Please contact me at mmooreatprivateacademictutordotnet with hope.
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