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Hikaru "Jayden" Morinaga-Jaye

A look inside....

I figured it'd be nice if I had people take a look inside my current journal! I don't have much decorated (yet, I do that as I fill it), and I don't have much written (yet), but we all know this'll end up bursting at the spine by the time I'm done with it. :D

I already showed off the cover of this in my last entry, and nothing changed with it so I decided to start right inside!

I'll probably make the inside cover page look prettier as time goes on, but this is what I have so far.

Because this was originally a planner, it had a page for personal information, which I started filling out (so of course I covered the information XD). There were also pages for important dates and the like as well, but I tore those out so I can use them in my actual planner (which lacks pages like that). I kept the Overview 2015 calendar page because why not :P

I also kept the US Holidays page as a nice thing to look back on years down the road! I tore out another page here, something else to put in my actual planner (I think it was a list of important numbers and such), which had one half of the July 2014 monthly calendar. No big loss, except originally I was going to change that to a February calendar! So I decided to do what I did in my last journal and just have the calendar anchored to one page and fold over. I covered the back of it (since it was a little blah) with some scrapbook paper with a yellow tint for some colour, and I wrote a quote on it. Then you turn that...

And you get the actual calendar for February, which I started decorating. These serve a functional purpose as well as to see what February 2015 looked like when I view this ten years down the line. :D

I had to get creative covering up things like "[Month] Notes" and such, so I used alphabet stickers.

I think I'll have a lot of fun turning this from planner to journal.

Thanks for reading!
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