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Volume 15 Finished!

This one was just a thinner notebook that took 9 days to fill. I went to a convention in Nottingham and journalled a lot over the weekend. There's a lot of pictures considering it's not a long notebook!

Volume 15:
Started - 30th April 2015
Finished - 9th May 2015

I bought this from a Japanese stationery shop in London.

 photo 15 Cover.jpg

I had to fly 9+ hours to previous conventions. This time I took a bus and train and it took less than 2 hours to get there.

 photo 15 Page 01.jpg

Hotel I stayed in, plus being in a large city I was able to get to Yo Sushi for lunch. I cut up a menu to keep the dishes I had.

 photo 15 Page 02.jpg

Visit to an Oxfam bookshop to expand my Stephen King collection and managing to get in to see the new Avengers film.

 photo 15 Page 03.jpg

Had some free time one morning to walked up to the castle. The grounds were beautiful.

 photo 15 Page 04.jpg

Convention time! We got paper tickets for all the picture/autograph sessions, which I of course kept for my journal.

 photo 15 Page 05.jpg

More convention stuff and a great restaurant by my hotel.

 photo 15 Page 06.jpg

Tea needed in the morning (I seriously kept everything) and another ticket.

 photo 15 Page 07.jpg

More sushi and a trip to Hotel Chocolat (sooooo good!).

 photo 15 Page 08.jpg

End of the convention, had to move hotel room and bits I cut out from the convention leaflet.

 photo 15 Page 09.jpg

I'm sure my next journal will take a bit longer than 9 days to fill!