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Journal Inspiration!

YouTube is much more active in most recent years with a flourishing journaling community. Where, once, it was much more difficult to find videos of people sharing paper journals / diaries / art journals / etc, now you get the feeling that there really is a community to be found there. I know that there are members in our own embodiment community who have been participating in that and it's awesome to be inspired by their content.

This is a video I watched today that I thought some members might find encouraging and helpful.

Oh, by the way, at the end of this month we're halfway through the year 2015 already!

"Your Life". Is full of journal prompts!... by Poketfullofvintage [Link]

See Also:
* 'All About My Journals! TAG' (by journaltree on YouTube) has 14 great and thought-provoking questions for those who keep a journal. A lot of people have made their own videos in response and one can find themselves watching video after video of people sharing their answers.