June 30th, 2010

we are all mad

New Year: Tomorrow?

I know this is VERY last minute (it's nearly 9pm EST where I am on 30th of June as I start this post), but I just had an idea!

What if we also start the new year on July 1st?

Hear me out on this one, okay?

It could be a 6 month attempt prior to trying the 'write every day' project for 2011 OR
it could be the start of our year - July 1st to January 1st is 6 months - and then if you go ahead another 6 months, you've made it a year!

Sometimes we get caught up in the New Year's resolution that when we fail, we call it quits for the rest of the year, vowing to start over when January 1st comes around.

Yes, I realize that's the whole intention of this project and for the people who are continuing to write January 1st to December 31st, you rock! But I read so many entries of people giving up as I went through old posts (while sorting tags) that it seemed silly that people so inspired should have to give up so early on in the game.

How do you feel about there being a half-way start? For the embodiment purists, don't look at it as a New Year but as a head start.

Who'd like to give it a shot? Who wants to count down to midnight, tonight?

edited to add: i second (maintainer) elbereth's comment: "I do like your idea of breaking the goal down into fewer chunks, six months at a time. It would also be better to emphasize the part about it being okay to not write everyday; what is more important is picking up where the writing was left off."

p.s. a bit of inspiration? Link: notebookism