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Top Commentators for embodiment

Old-School LJ'ers know about the Top LJ commenters thing that was used (developed off site but used for LJ during peak years) but now LiveJournal has this option of paid accounts to show Top Commentators on accounts. I thought it'd be nifty to see how the community has done from the start of the year until now. This is by no means a competition or a complete view of how much various people have contributed to the community through their posts, personal interactions, and all people do off LJ to encourage and inspire people to journal, but I think this is neat anyway!

From January 1st, 2015 to now.
1 ekeilram
2 iberrypink
3 kinston
4 sirvinya
5 xdogbaitx
6 savannahjan
7 sporky_luv
8 dreamabella
9 crookedfingers
10 peterlemat
11 amberdawnpullin
12 sailorvfan10
13 absintheforest
14 araminya
15 iynxx
16 dragonfly52585
17 ladywillin
18 kindmemory
19 sarahrose
20 oxycottontail
21 psychokitten76
22 autmystic
23 beadylady
24 phoenixfire12
25 berryappleseed
26 pinska
27 smashleighfig
28 herselfonline
29 lauralynnfoster
30 piggysjournal


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Nov. 17th, 2015 06:13 am (UTC)
Yay Berry!
(Deleted comment)
Nov. 17th, 2015 01:02 pm (UTC)
I haven't been around much lately, unfortunately.
Nov. 17th, 2015 07:26 pm (UTC)
Heh, pretty interesting. I have been absent last few months I think, just had other stuff to do.
Nov. 18th, 2015 02:18 am (UTC)
Nov. 20th, 2015 06:28 am (UTC)
I haven't been around on here as much as I used to be.
Dec. 4th, 2015 01:52 am (UTC)
I'm impressed. I haven't been on a lot lately and I'm not certain anymore but I think my journal is friends only. I thought this was only for public journals. Thank you anyway. I really should make it a New Year's Resolution to log in and post more often.
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