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Intro (is anybody out there?)

Found this community in my internet wanderings: somewhere people would actually be interested in me babbling about journals? I'm in!
Of course it appears to be a little dead just now, but it could always come back to life. And if not, I've written in great detail to an unknown, possibly never-existent audience... I'm used to that!

I figured I'd do Q&A format because I find it fun, and that way someone else can always borrow the questions if they want.

How long have you kept a journal?
Since the day before I started 5th grade: August 25, 2004. I've gone a couple months without writing at some points, but I've never actually thought of myself as not keeping a journal since I started.

How many notebooks have you used? Do you fill a notebook before starting a notebook?
I always fill the notebook. The one exception was the time I left a journal at college with 10 pages left and a full month before I was going back. I'm now starting the 29th notebook. That's not counting the diary I used sporadically before fifth grade, which is also in this picture:


What kind of notebooks and writing instruments do you use?
I used plain spiralbounds for  my first nine journals, decorating them myself. I can't remember how or why I first used a Studio C, but I liked it so much that most of my journals since then have been Studio C. My grandma got me a Five Star at some point, so I've used some of those too. I've had a big stash of blank future journals for awhile, but I'm down to two more, so I'm starting to wonder if there will be Studio Cs or Five Stars I like this school supply season, or if I'll have to find a new brand. I like large spiralbounds with hard, interesting covers, so it could be tricky.
Pen-wise, my favorites are Papermate Inkjoys, but I like being able to switch back and forth between pens (weird, since I use all black in my journal) so I usually have some others around. Also, my boyfriend got me a Homo Sapiens fountain pen for my graduation, so as soon as i find out if the ink I have in it now won't bleed on my current journal's paper, or switch to one that won't, I'll use that sometimes as well.

What goes into your journals?
Generally I'm text-only, with a smattering of lists and maybe an explanatory sketch or two. I write more storyline than stream of consciousness: I've written "entries" (about big events, service trips, and visits with my boyfriend) that took me days or weeks to finish. In answer to a question back in Embodiment's archives, I pretty much write more for the future than the present. I push myself to write more because "I know I'll want to remember this."

What do you do with old journals?
At this point, they're stashed
with other mementos in a crate in the basement. (Someday I hope to have a cool trunk to put them in.)


I reread them pretty often, actually, and type them up with footnotes two years after finishing them. The footnotes are usually either further explanation or yelling at my past self.
I also log them all (in an Excel spreadsheet and a Word document; not sure why I started the Word document but I'm not stopping now), by dates, page count, and title (usually added when typing it up).

Do you let people read your journals?
No. I do, however, read aloud from them: when I'm rereading them and find something funny or well-written, or something related to someone who might like to hear it (an old friend or my boyfriend usually), or when someone asks me when something happened or some other fact and I look it up (the typed versions make this easy). Also someone read back in my journal without my permission while writing in my journal...

Do you let people write in your journals?
Yes. My grade school journals contain various interjection from friends and classmates. Now I sometimes ask my boyfriend to write me a letter in my current journal.

Have you ever lost a journal?
Only briefly, thankfully. It's one of my greatest fears.


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Jun. 2nd, 2016 10:56 am (UTC)
Pretty collection! :)
Jun. 2nd, 2016 01:40 pm (UTC)
So you are backing up your paper journal by typing it up? That's pretty neat. One of my friends leaves a few pages empty at the back of her journal for "personal" commentaries. :)
Jun. 2nd, 2016 03:39 pm (UTC)
Yep! It serves as a backup, and it also creates a portable and searchable version. It makes it easy to find out what I wrote about on this day in the past: I just go to the "journals" folder on my computer and search the date.
Jun. 2nd, 2016 03:51 pm (UTC)
What a beautiful collection of journals! I enjoyed reading about your journaling habits.
Jun. 3rd, 2016 01:53 am (UTC)
I'm here too! I post whenever I finish a journal but I do check the community at least weekly!

About a year ago I started taking pictures of my pages and saving them as PDFs so I have a digital record of my journals as well :)

Thank you for sharing! And welcome!
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