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Spring Break

I’ve been on spring break this week, which has allowed me to journal in the afternoons. I am usually an early morning journaler. It appears I am no more coherent at 4:00 in the afternoon than I am at 4:00 in the morning.😀

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THANK YOU to whoever it was that let me back into the community. I was trying to rejoin since not long after I left (who knows how long ago that was) but my cries went unheard. I tried again today and hooray! I'm back in. Thanks again!

So, I know that people drifted from LJ but from what I can see on YouTube & Instagram (& so on) journaling is doing well with communities that have developed and are flourishing. It reminds me of the enthusiasm that was once here on LJ - not just for our own journals but for communities like embodiment.

I'm on paper journal number 42 right now. I'm mostly a text-only journal person but the previous one was puffy with pastings from newspapers and the like. Looks like I'm going to keep doing something like that, though with a bit more writing. I'm also trying to type 750 words every day to get a writing routine going again. I write differently in my paper journal than I do online. I suppose that's not unusual.

I still write for myself whether it's for an LJ post or my paper journal, but I'm walking a line when I know that some of my paper journal might be shared in videos I make for YouTube. It's not censoring me but it might have influenced my recent decision to start picking clippings and images out of newspapers - likely.

Well, this was just a quick thank you & hello. Hope you're all doing well!

Poll #2079356 are you journaling?

It's 2018. Are you keeping a journal / diary / notebook / scraps of paper with words and/or pictures?

Thinking about it.
It's complicated. I've left a reply in the comments.